Recovery & Enforcement

Deals with enforcement related activities within SMC area.

For the wider interest of the Sambalpur citizens this department works for removal of un authorized encroachment over roads and drains, removal of building materials / debris, checking use of polythene carry bags below 50 macrons and removal of illegal hoardings in SMC area.

  • Removal of unauthorized encroachment over roads and drain as per section – 407 of the Orissa Municipal Corporation Act-2003.
  • Removal of building materials and debris as per section-528 of the OMC Act -2003.

.Recovery of holding tax under OPDR act.

.Main Responsibilities

  • Removal of unauthorized encroachment over roads and in SMC area.
  • Clearance of public area from enforcement where ever necessary.

Enforcement for removal of illegal hoardings.    

Checking of plastic carry bags below 50 macrons.